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2002, 98 min., UK/USA
UK Rights: Metro Tartan

Int'l Rights: First Look Media

US Theatrical Booking: Vitagraph

BUNDY, The latest film from director Matthew Bright (FREEWAY) brilliantly depicts Ted Bundy, the first American sex predator to be labeled "serial killer", on his cross country killing spree. From Bundy's shoplifting - a surreal, comic scene - through the first murders and his sexually morbid obsessions to his death in the electric chair, Michael Reilly Burke gives a striking performance of a very sick but charming sociopath. With archival footage from Bundy's trial.


MPAA rating: R. Running time: 96 MIN.

Not available to buy at this time.


"A sustained performance by Michael Reilly Burke of Jekyll & Hyde dimensions is the sine qua non of "Ted Bundy," a disturbingly stygian comedy-drama on the charming young serial killer who shocked America in the '70s. Tapping into some of the same undercurrents of suppressed middle-class violence as Paul Thomas Anderson's "Punch-Drunk Love," but in a leaner, more bottom-line, B-movie style, this third feature by writer-director Matthew Bright ("Freeway") looks set to unsettle as many conservative auds as it will delight nihilistic film buffs."

- Derek Elley, Variety

"...a smart, crisp and chilling study of the man for whom the term 'serial killer' was coined."

- Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times

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