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He was young, handsome, charming. A law student with a bright future in politics. His smile was intoxicating to women...

...and, in the 1970's, he was the most notorious serial killer in America.

From the writer and producers of Ed Gein comes the true story of Ted Bundy, America's most prolific serial sex killer, who confessed to killing over thirty-five women across the United States between 1974 and 1978.

Bundy was a handsome, charming young man with a degree in psychology; he spoke fluent Chinese, volunteered at a Rape Crisis Center and worked for the Republican Party. He was the complete opposite of any serial killer who existed before or after him. In fact, the very term "serial killer" was first used to describe Ted Bundy.

In the midst of his one-man crime wave, Bundy was twice apprehended by police. He managed to escape once from jail and once from a county courthouse, both times resuming his relentless killing spree.

The third time he was caught, there was no escape. After America's first televised court trial, Ted Bundy was finally executed in Florida's electric chair in 1989.

Ted Bundy was a chilling combination of boy-next-door good looks and deranged perversions. Intelligent and charismatic, Bundy was driven and tormented by twisted fantasies and necrophiliac sex.

A full-time boyfriend who had his way with more than a few women, Bundy took his fantasies to extremes when he abandoned his steady girlfriends to lure, threaten and murder more than one hundred unsuspecting women.

Ted Bundy weaves these contradictions into a harrowing tale, told from Bundy's point of view. Matthew Bright's film captures the twisted, disturbing world of the most infamous serial killer in American history.

We follow Bundy as he feverishly progresses from pathetic Peeping Tom to fearless, ruthless murderer. Behind his looks and charm, Bundy prowls for women he sadistically makes sure will do more than play dead.

The film maintains a tone of pitch-black comedy in the face of unrelenting horror, as Bundy proclaims "Mostly I want to be normal" and "Sex is only dirty when you do it right." You will be right there with Bundy to find out what "dirty" really means.

Ted Bundy walks a terrifying razor's edge, and will haunt you long after the final execution scene.

You thought you knew Bundy's story before. But after the experience of Ted Bundy, will you be certain you could have picked the man out of a crowd?

"He represented what all young males ever wanted to be. If there was any flaw in him, it's that he was almost too perfect..."
-- Friend of Ted Bundy

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