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Even the Rain (Tambien La Lluvia)

Winner, Audience Award, Berlin Film Festival Panorama

13 Goya Award Nominations

Bridging Borders Award, Palm Springs International Film Festival

James Agee Critics Circle Progressive Film Awards Nominee

Spain's Official Submission for the 2011 Academy Awards

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Even the Rain

Running Time: 104 minutes
Original language: Spanish, Quechua
Ratio: 2.35 (scope)
Sound: Dolby Digital
Year of Production: 2010
Genre: Drama / Social Satire

Spain Conquered the New World for Gold
500 Years Later, Water is Gold...
Not Much Else Has Changed


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Tambien La Lluvia (Even the Rain) Movie USA

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Academy Screenings:

*To attend these screenings you must be a voting member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences. RSVP required.

*Thursday, December 16 - 4:30 PM
Sunset Screening Room
8730 Sunset Boulevard
West Hollywood, CA 90069

*Wednesday, January 5 - 7:30 PM
Wilshire Screening Room
8670 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 112
Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Public Screenings:

Spanish Cinema Now at the Film Society at Lincoln Center
Walter Reade Theater, 165 W. 65th Street, Upper West Side New York City

Friday, December 10, 2010 - 6:45 PM
Wednesday, December 15, 2010- 1:00 PM
For details & tickets click here.

Palm Springs Film Festival, Palm Springs, CA
January 2011 dates to be announced.
For details & tickets click here.


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EventheRainPhoto1 Iciar-bollain-luis-tosar

Luis Tosar as Costas the producer and Gael Garcia Bernal as Sebastian the director in EVEN THE RAIN (Tambien La Lluvia).
Credit: (c) 2010 Moreno Films

(L-R) Luis Tosar on the set of EVEN THE RAIN (Tambien La Lluvia) with director Iciar Bollain. Credit: (c) 2010 Moreno FilmsLuisTosarGaelGarciaBernal
GaelGarciaBernal Even_the_Rain_Kids
Gael Garcia Bernal as Sebastian the director of an historical epic on Christopher Columbus in EVEN THE RAIN (Tambien La Lluvia) Credit: (c) 2010 Moreno FilmsGaelGarciaBernalinEventheRain Local children in Cochabamba, Bolivia are cast as 15th century indigenous people in the film being made by Sebastian (Gael Garcia Bernal) & Costa (Luis Tosar) in EVEN THE RAIN (Tambien La Lluvia). (Left) Belen is the daughter of the town's protest leader against government privatization of water. Credit: (c) 2010 Moreno Films.
DanielinEventheRain Burningatcross
Daniel (Carlos Aduviri) joins the cast of the film within a film in EVEN THE RAIN (Tambien La Lluvia), but when he isn't acting, he is leading protests against the injustices of the government against the indigenous community. Credit: (c) 2010 Moreno Films.GaelGarciaBernalinEventheRain  

In the film within a film in EVEN THE RAIN (Tambien La Lluvia), the production's biggest scene depicts the natives of the New World burned on crosses by 15th century Spanards.
Credit: (c) 2010 Moreno FilmsGaelGarciaBernalinEventheRain

When Sebastian (Gael Garcia Bernal) and Costa (Luis Tosar) see the mob waiting to be seen at their open casting call, they argue over how to proceed in EVEN THE RAIN. Credit: (c) 2010 Moreno Films.GaelGarciaBernalinEventheRain   Gael Garcia Bernal as Sebastian, an idealistic film director on shoot in Cochabamba Bolivia when the 2000 Water Wars breaks out. Credit: (c) 2010 Moreno Films.GaelGarciaBernalinEventheRain
Belen Even the Rain   Even the Rain
Belen plays with the gold scale, a prop from the film she is actng in in EVEN THE RAIN. Credit: (c) 2010 Moreno Films.GaelGarciaBernalinEventheRain Costa says some regrettable things in English in front of Daniel, one of the Bolivian locals portraying a 16th century warrior in EVEN THE RAIN. Credit: (c) 2010 Moreno Films.GaelGarciaBernalinEventheRain
Costa (Luis Tosar) tries to keep a full blown war rom errupting between his 'extras' and the police in EVEN THE RAIN. Credit: (c) 2010 Moreno Films.GaelGarciaBernalinEventheRain   Daniel (Carlos Aduviri) protests the privatization of his city's water supply by a multi-national company in EVEN THE RAIN. Credit: (c) 2010 Moreno Films.GaelGarciaBernalinEventheRain
Even the Rain poster designed by Studio Number One.   The Water is ours damn it!
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