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Color - 35mm

Sound: Dolby Digital SRD

Ratio: 1:2,35

Language: Spanish (English Subtitles)

Running Time: 105 min.





Production Company A Spanish - Italian production of Panico Films,
Sogecine and Planet Pictures.
With the participation of Television Espanola,
Euskal Irrati Telebista and Digital +.
Developed with the support of the MEDIA
program of the European Community and the collaboration of ICAA.
Director Alex de la Iglesia
Screenwriter Jorge Guerricaechevarria
Alex de la Iglesia
Executive Producer Juanma Pagazaurtundua
Line Producer Ander Sistiaga
Art Director Jose Arrizabalaga "Arri"
Arturo Garcia Otaduy "Biaffra"
Director of Photography Jose L. Moreno "Moti"
Visual Effects Molina Efectos Especiales
Digital Effects Felix Berges
Editor Alejandro Lazaro
Casting Director Mamen Moya
Amaya Diez
Sound Sergio Burmann
Music Roque Banos
Costume Designer Paco Delgado
Make up Pepe Quetglas
Hairdresser Nieves Sanchez
Guillermo Toledo   Rafael
Monica Cervera   Lourdes
Luis Varela   Don Antonio
Enrique Villen   Inspector Campoy
Fernando Tejero Alonso
Kira Miro Roxanne

PERFECT CRIME (EL CRIMEN PERFECTO), 2005, Vitagraph Films, 105 min. Alex de la Iglesia (THE DAY OF THE BEAST, PERDITO DURANGO, LA COMMUNIDAD) returns with a new black comedy. Guillermo Toledo (THE OTHER SIDE OF THE BED) stars as the Don Juan of a big Madrid department store -- an ambitious ladies department clerk who longs to become FLOOR MANAGER… The sexy salesgirls take turns spending the evening with Rafael in the department store after hours. He wines and dines them in fancy clothes borrowed from the racks followed by wild sex in the beds in the furniture department. Rafael will do anything to ace out the competition for the Floor Manager positon. His chief rival? Don Antonio (Luis Varela), manager of the Men's Department. The two face off, their total sales will determine who gets the promotion.

Warning! Do not read on unless you want to know plot details that may spoil your enjoyment of the films!

The unbelievable happens... Don Antonio wins. He uses his position to put Rafael in his place. The two argue and Don Antonio is accidentally killed. Now Rafael must dispose of the body. He manages to get it into the incinerator room, but when he leaves the basement for a few minutes, the body disappears...

So instead of achieving the sophisticated lifestyle he yearns for, Rafael's mistake leads him into an unfortunate situation with a witness to the crime… an unattractive, unsophistocated saleswoman with a longstanding crush on him. When she blackmails him into marrying her, his dreams of an elegant life dissipate into the vulgar reality of an ordinary existence - his only release is to commit the “ferpect” crime - get rid of her and escape from her clutches. He hatches an elaborate plan, but will it work?


"Like the Ferris wheel that serves as the setting for one of its climactic scenes, "El Crimen Perfecto" is a bright, gaudy and tremendously satisfying ride."

Dana Stevens


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