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2002, 90 min., Germany

MPAA Rating: Unrated
US Rights: American Cinematheque Presents/Vitagraph Films

Director: Robert Schwentke

Not available to buy at this time.

In Theatres Spring 2003!


"A welcome change from cookie-cutter serial-killer movies such as The Bone Collector and Kiss The Girls, Tattoo follows two stressed-out detectives (Christian Redl, August Diehl) as they track down a killer prepared to skin victims for the priceless tattoos on their hides. It opens like Kiss Me Deadly, with a naked woman on a highway, and just gets crazier when they find the killer's severed finger inside her stomach. Indulging his taste for Grand Guignol and the stylistically baroque, director Robert Schwentke never quite overplays his hand, and the result is a gruesome and complex thriller."


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